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Do you want to download every video you like on Facebook and don’t know how? It’s pretty simple if you have the correct information, sites, and applications. Sometimes we see a video on Facebook and even though it’s pretty interesting, we can’t watch it again because the page refreshes and then the algorithm does not show us the video again. If you can’t remember who posted it, or when posted it, it will be hard to find it. If you want to avoid this and have every video when you want it, look this out!

In this article, we’ll give you all the ways possible to download videos from Facebook to your phone, tablet or computer.

If you use Facebook on a daily basis (or any social media), you’ll have realized by now that the most important contents on these online communities are videos. Whether it’s artistic videos, sports highlights, or just people talking. Videos are everything now! We’ll show you how to save them on your device for free. Facebook is known for trying to protect the content on the platform so people are not able to download it easily. They constantly change the way files are downloaded.

How to download a video from Facebook

The best way to do this is with DescargaPLUS since it is not possible to download a video directly from Facebook.

As we told you previously, Facebook won’t allow you to directly download a video from their platform. The best you can do right there is saving it on your profile. Nevertheless, DescargaPLUS has the right tool for you to download any video that you want to have on your device. Facebook is the most recognized social media platform on the internet, and therefore the best videos, and the most popular ones, are always on Facebook. Our online converter will allow you to download these videos without having to register, installing a software or watching ads!

With this amazing tool you’ll be able to download any kind of video. It does not matter if it’s long, short, heavy, low or top quality. It’s simple: Any video that is public on Facebook, it’s available for you on our converter. Even if you are using it from an Android or iOS device.

What’s the process to follow?

The first thing to do is looking for the video you want to download, and, with the right click, copying the URL. It’s important to consider that you’ll only be able to download public videos, since private ones don’t have this possibility. How can you check this? Simple, go to the video outside of your profile (log out). If it’s public, you’ll be able to watch even if not logged into Facebook. If it’s private, it’s because that friend or Facebook Page has set it as private. The fastest way to check it is opening the video on the incognito mode. This way you avoid having to log out of your profile, and save time.

After getting the URL of your favorite video, you will have to go to (our site), and paste the selected URL on the space in blank, that looks like a browser. Once you did this, you’ll only have to fill on a Captcha challenge, and check if the URL is correct. After that, just press the download button, and wait for it to be done!

Just like that! It’s a pretty simple process. The greatest thing about our system is that you won’t have to go through all the difficulties that other sites offer: Invasive ads, disturbing, and extremely slow sites, and of course the possibility of getting a virus on your computer. Our site is safe, fast, and easy to use!

The third, and final step, will happen when the download is ready. After this, you’ll notice that a new tab has opened with the video on it. If you are using our converter from a computer: Just press the right click, and select “save as”. We recommend our users to save the video with a name that can be remembered (Eg: the name of the song). There is also a chance that the option “save as” will be different, it depends on the browser you are using. In any case, it will be something along those lines (save). In some cases you’ll see a download button on the media player.

After that, the video will be downloaded to your computer. Just check the downloads folder, and it will be already there.

In the case that you are using our converter from a tablet, or smartphone, the process is almost the same. The only difference is that you will see the option in the toolbar, or it will be shown when you press the video enough for a second menu to pop up.

What are the advantages of downloading content with Descargaplus?

  • Safe: Our devices (computer, phone, tablet) are very important in our lives. Why would we allow a site to infect them with viruses, and trojans? Take care of them!
    DescargaPlus is a 100% safe! You can scan it with your antivirus.
  • Fast: The process won’t take you more than a minute. You might last longer reading this article than downloading the first video.
  • No ads: We won’t put you through the suffering of watching long, and annoying ad videos. Much less showing you pop ups that might interrupt your download.
  • No need to register: You don’t have to register, log in, or give any personal information.
  • Unlimited: You can download as many videos as you want. There is no limit regarding number, size, or anything. This is an ideal converter to compile your favorite videos, whether it is music, shows, humour.
  • No need to install: This is a website, you won’t have to install a software or an app. The site is made for people to finish the download without any obstacles! Of course, installing something might count as one!

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