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How to download MP3 from YouTube

Downloading MP3 files it’s a task that sometimes gets difficult and tricky. Finding a safe website to download mp3 files is hard, and phones have to be taken care of. That’s why we are going to tell you about the best site to download mp3 for free, without Trojans and malicious files.

Everyone likes to have music on their phones, whether it’s for motivation, to get happy or to remember something or someone; music is a necessity.

Downloading music from YouTube is pretty easy if you use our online converter YtPick. It’s the fastest, safest, and most efficient way of converting YouTube videos into MP3 files and downloading them into our devices. With this converter you’ll only have to go to YouTube and look for the URL of the video you want to convert to MP3, then paste that URL into de website’s browser, and just wait until the downloading process begins.

YouTube is the biggest music platform on the internet, and that’s why it’s the best way to listen to our favorite artists, bands, and concerts. This wonderful file converter makes it easy for you to enjoy music on your devices without downloading from dangerous sites, risking your computer or wasting time with ads.

How can you download MP3 files from YouTube?

The first step is to copy the video’s URL from YouTube.

If you get lucky searching on YouTube for that special song that you want so much, then it’s a nearly done process. Every video you can find on YouTube is one step away from being on your devices on an MP3 format. With our tool (online converter) you’ll be able to download any content from the biggest video platform without registering, writing your email or giving any personal information.

Every video that you download from YouTube with the online converter YtPick will be converted into an MP3 format. There is no limit regarding the number of videos you can convert, so you may as well download every song that you like! No deceiving apps, no weird extensions, and no ads! The best part comes with how little time it will take, and the quality of the sound.

Music is a wonderful thing, it makes our lives easier, helps us to concentrate, and focus on the task we are performing. YtPick helps you to get that help for free! To make it simple: Just search for the video you want, copy its URL and paste it on YtPick’ browser. Then it’s just a matter of seconds until you have an MP3 file with your favorite song!

The second step is to paste the URL on YtPick, the best online converter.

Have we told you already that with this online converter it is possible to get your favorite songs from YouTube to your device (does not matter if it’s your phone, pc or tablet), for free and without any danger? Maybe we have, but it’s worthwhile remembering it!

When you have already copied the URL (which is the web address of the file), then you just have to enter and select the option “Descarcar mp3 de youtube”. Paste the file on the blank (which is similar to a browser), and wait for the result. The site will show you a preview image of your selected video (there you can check if you picked the right one).

What are the benefits of YtPick?

  • No invasive advertising: Have you noticed that many download, and streaming sites have many ads that open automatically on your browser, not letting you continue the process until being clicked? It’s pretty annoying, to be honest. And it’s the reason why people don’t trust these sites! Well, in our site you won’t have that issue at all! You can check it out right now, no invasive ads!
  • Free: No hidden costs, we won’t ask you for credit cards, payments, or even donations (as some people do!). The thing is, we try to be solidary with our users, we understand that content should be available for free!
  • Safe: you can check our site with your preferred antivirus software, it’s 100% safe. We have very secure servers where our files are hosted. Every action our users perform on the site is safe and secure.
  • No downloading limits: You can download a million songs a day, if you like. We know that some people like a lot of different music, so why would we limit their passion?
  • Top quality: You won’t lose any quality of audio. When you compare the song on the MP3 file, with the YouTube video, you’ll find out that it sounds the same!

Download the file to your device

After you have already found the URL, copied, and pasted it on our site, you will see a preview of the video on YouTube. Then you’ll only have to press the “download” button. In a matter of seconds, the file will be downloaded to your device. Depending on the file size, and your internet speed, it may take between 20 seconds and a minute for the download to be ready. It’s a pretty simple step to finish the process.

If you download the file from your computer, it will be saved on your “downloads” folder, unless you have changed that setting. In that case, the file will be stored on the selected folder. In the case that you want to download more MP3 files after the first one, you’ll only have to refresh the site (F5), and repeat the process: Copy URL -> Paste it -> Press download.

Key features of YtPick

  • Online tool: does not require to download or install an app.
  • No registration: You won’t be asked to login on to anything, much less giving us your email. Come back when you want, we won’t force you!
  • Every single video on YouTube is available to Download.
  • Unlimited access!
  • Compatible with any kind of device, responsive design for mobile users.
  • No size or duration limits. If you want to download a full album, so be it!

Available formats:

  • Standard URL:
  • Mobile URL:
  • Shortened URL:

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