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Download videos from YouTube

Do you want to download videos from YouTube and have them available offline at any time?
Well, it is a pretty easy task, and we are going to tell you how to do it.

Many users want to have YouTube videos available on their phones or computers, mainly because it prevents having to watch ads before videos, and in case of connection issues, it’s still possible to watch them if downloaded and saved. Now, how can I download videos from YouTube?

Downloading videos from Youtube is now an easy task, thanks to this great video converter tool: DescargaPlus. Thanks to this amazing website you will be able to download any YouTube video that you like, without putting in a great effort! The process this online tool offers is pretty simple: Select the URL of the original video from YouTube, and paste it on the Descarga Plus browser. After this step is done, you will see the preview of your video and must select the option “download”. Depending on the video’s size, it will be a matter of seconds or minutes until the file is available on your computer. It’s worthwhile mentioning that the video won’t lose any quality of sound or image.

YouTube is an online platform that allows users to upload multimedia content (videos), and build channels to compile them. It has become one of the greatest online communities thanks to the growth in video content consumers globally, and, of course, the birth of the new superstar: The youtuber, which is a sort of superstar born on the internet, made famous thanks to the connection with their followers and audience. Also, YouTube is the ideal spot to promote different types of content like:

  • Music videos: Great channels like Vimeo exist thanks to musical videos launched on their platform, in alliance with the artists.
  • Shows: Radio shows, podcasts, webshows. There is something for everyone on YouTube.
  • How-to’s: Video-tutorials explaining how to do something in a very simple way.

YouTube may actually be the most important social media platform for the X generation.

Why would someone want to download a video from YouTube? Very simple, sometimes we want to be able to watch some content offline, in case of not having internet data or being on a place without enough signal. Also, some people like to play music videos on their car screens, and to do this you must have the file downloaded. In other cases, people just want to compile their favourite youtubers content on a folder, and play it whenever they want. And finally there is the classic case of the user who does not want to watch any ads while listening to music or enjoying content on YouTube.

You should know that YouTube does not allow content downloads from its platform, for copyright issues. It’s pretty obvious, it would ruin their commercial operations (Ads), and make it very easy for users to migrate to other platforms. They launched YouTube Premium recently, which is the new streaming service that even though it does not allow downloading either, it’s possible to watch content offline. It’s similar to Spotify for that matter.

There was a time when downloading a video from YouTube was a nightmare. You’d have to log into shady sites and put your PC at risk of getting a trojan or a virus. Those days are over.

With DescargaPlus it’s entirely possible to enjoy all kinds of content from YouTube without paying for it, watching weird ads, risking a virus for your device, or even wasting time. This tool is made for users, thinking about their comfort and happiness. That’s the reason why it’s got such an easy process to download content. You’ll only need your browser, an internet connection, and the original URL from the YouTube video.

This way, you’ll stop sacrificing your computer’s wellbeing, your time, and patience, in order to download content. In DescargaPlus you’ll be able to download the files in an MP4 format. The tool does not require to install any software, register in any kind of forms, and of course, to watch annoying ads.

Theres is no limits regarding the number of videos you can download every day from the tool. It’s as much as your computer can store!

10 ideas to apply using DescargaPlus

Don’t know what to do with all those videos you can download? Here we have some ideas for you! With DescargaPlus you could:

  1. Download and store in organized folders music video from your artist, an album for example. You can download all of the musical videos of a record, and save it on your files with the album’s cover.
  2. Make an offline playlist of all your favourite webshows, or stand up comedy shows. That way you can enjoy that content offline, and without worrying for internet data.
  3. Set up a playlist to enjoy at your car. Maybe for long trips, or daily commutes, it’s a great choice to have some good music videos in our car. It’s a different way of enjoying a ride!
  4. Downloading tutorials: If we want to do something that is quite difficult, downloading a YouTube tutorial and watching it while doing that hard thing is an ideal option to make it the right way, and not committing any mistake!
  5. Learning a language: there are thousands of videos teaching lessons of any language around the globe, and learning them it’s possible when practice, and information are combined. Download lesson videos, practice in your car or while you make food! It’s a mind opening experience learning a foreign language, and allows us to communicate with different people.
  6. Saving food recipes: If you are a cooking enthusiast, and are looking to learn many recipes to apply on your kitchen, why not downloading some of them, organizing on folders according to what type of food these are for, and then trying to prepare those plates? Maybe you can become a master chef with enough time, preparation, and of course, food!

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